Agri products

Millets are small seeded grassess which are highly nutritions non glutious and not acid forming food, it is used in bread, soup, biscuits, cakes, al..
Dalls are very commonly used in the Indian cuisine it is hard to find Indian house hold that dose not stock up different types falls, a part from th..
Tender coconut
Numerous medical propertis of tender coconut water reported are:- 1.good for feeling infants suffering from intestinal disturbances 2.Orel rehydr..
Curry leaves
Most people think that curry leaves just. add flavor to the food and they throw the leaves away while eating curry and soup .however curry lea..
We take pride in offering a top quality range of lemon having thin skin and amazing aroma this products is widely used of numerous purposes round in s..
Bananas are One of the most widely used fruits the world for their good nutrition. It is rich in vitamin B6 a crucial element of any healthy diet on..
We are export from is one of the top most fresh coconut exporters in supply fresh,semi husked coconut our semi husked coconuts can be easil..
honey is a sweet food made by bees using natural from flowers. The variety produced by honey bees (the genus is the one most commonily referred..
Coir fiber
We export fine coir fibers extracted from mature green and brown coconut husks coir is widely used for commercial & industrial applications to desin m..
Good quality products roasted nuts..