We are export from is one of the top most fresh coconut exporters in supply fresh,semi husked coconut our semi husked coconuts can be easily broken and are enrichet with coconut water the coconut are fully mature and light brown in colour whole packing the coconut .we make sure that the fresh coconuts instant Halth benefits * High protein content *Destroys intestinal parasites *good of kidney and urinary bladder proplems Colour - light broen Maturity - matured Grade - semi husked weight - 500gm to 650gm Nut size - 12 to 14 inches Nutritional content per 100gram Vitamin B - thiumine - 10 mg Vitamin c - 2 mg Calcium - 21 mg iron - 2.0 mg Phosphours. - 98mg Fat - 34.7gm carbohydrates - 14gm Protein - 3.4gm calories - 359 fresh coconut meat provides iron , potassium protein and 346 Calories per 3.5 once serving the coconut contains saturated fat quite unusual fir fruits and vegetables .coconut meat is used for prepararing variety of spicy sa well sweet .we export husked coconut and semi husked coconuts Product Enquiry