Tender coconut

Numerous medical propertis of tender coconut water reported are:- 1.good for feeling infants suffering from intestinal disturbances 2.Orel rehydration medium 3.contains organic compounds prossessing groth promoting propertis 4.keeps the body cool 5.application on the body preventy prickly head and summer boils subsides the rashes cacused by small pox, chicken pox meales, etc 6.kills intestinal worms 7.presenceof saline and albumen makes it a good drinks in cholera cases 8.checks urinary infection 9.excellent tonic for the and sick 10.cures malnourished ishment 11.diuretic 12.efficitive in the treatment of kindly and urethral stones 13.can be injected intravenously in emergency case Glutamicacid :0.65g Vitamin c:3%)24mg Vitamin b6: 2%)0.632mg Aspartic acid : 0.070g Product Enquiry